Wisbech Payroll Bureau, for your payroll processing needs

Is payday your favourite day? It might be if you are the one getting paid, but if you are the one having to calculate and prepare the payroll, you’re probably thinking that your time and energy could be put to better use.

If you feel that you would like to free yourself of the chore of processing payroll then look no further.

We have been running a payroll bureau for many years. We can, on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or four-weekly basis, process your payroll more quickly, more comprehensively, probably more accurately and certainly give you more statistical information than you would have imagined. We have professional, experienced staff to handle your payroll data and, as you will appreciate, confidentiality is paramount. The information is you bring in to us will be treated strictly as private and classified information.

So why have your payroll processed here?

Wisbech Payroll’s Managing Director has been involved in the design and development of payroll software since the 1970’s. At one time he was an advisor to the government on computerised payroll software matters. Feedback from our payroll bureau has also benefitted the design of the software that we now use.

Superior and feature-packed software, together with our experience of payroll, gives an unbeatable combination for payroll outsourcing.

By outsourcing you will be able to reduce your payroll costs and have your staff devote their time to things that are more profitable for your business.

We are fully BACS-accredited and can offer an electronic service from input to money in the bank.

NEST Pensions have designated us a  “NEST Connecter” for handling pension contributions.  We also deal with all the major Pension Providers.

No matter what the size of the company, whether you have 1 or 10,000 employees, we can be of assistance.

Interested in outsourcing your payroll processing to Wisbech? Then contact us to find out about our free payroll bureau trial.

Free Payroll Trial

Are you interested in using Wisbech Payroll for your business? We are currently offering a free trial of our payroll bureau service so you can see for yourself why many companies choose Wisbech Payroll for payroll and BACS processing.

For details of our free payroll trial call us on 01945 464146 today!