Payroll Bureau Benefits

There are several key benefits gained from outsourcing your payroll to Wisbech Payroll.

Wisbech Payroll will save you time

Payroll processing always has to be done at what seems to be the most awkward time. A typical example was a plumber who had 12 staff to pay each Friday. The last thing he wanted to do when he got home at 9pm on Thursday was to process the payroll. By outsourcing the payroll to Wisbech Payroll, we took away the chore and processed it in a tenth of the time he was taking. Result: one satisfied customer!!

Another client, a local engineering firm, also paid their staff on a weekly basis. The person in the office (there was only him) took all day each Thursday to get the payroll processed. His mind was never fully on the job due to the telephone and other constant interruptions. In real terms he was spending about three hours to produce 20 payslips.

Wisbech Payroll will save you effort

You don’t have to worry about keeping abreast of legislation or keeping your payroll software up to date. All we do is payroll. We are constantly aware of what is happening in the payroll field and can ensure that our payroll software does what it is supposed to do.

Wisbech Payroll will save you money

You don’t have to buy specialist payroll software; employ or train staff for payroll processing. Staff can be usefully employed in areas that will be profitable for your business. Not only will you save money this way, but you can also make money by your staff doing something profitable for your business.

Outsourcing your payroll to Wisbech Payroll was a win-win situation for our clients above, and can be for your business too. Call our payroll bureau team today, on 01945 464146, to start benefitting from payroll outsourcing.

Free Payroll Trial

Are you interested in using Wisbech Payroll for your business? We are currently offering a free trial of our payroll bureau service so you can see for yourself why many companies choose Wisbech Payroll for payroll and BACS processing.

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